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1.- DULCES Y CONSERVAS HELIOS S.A., CIF A47002878,  con domicilio en Ctra. de Salamanca, 44, 47195, Arroyo de la Encomienda, Valladolid is the party responsible for this website.


2.- This website is set up as an active community made up of all registered Users who share their culinary experiences through recipes. This website may only be used by persons over 14 years of age who have filled in the registration form, thus accepting these Terms and Conditions.


3.- The registration form available at the link has a number of mandatory fields to be filled in by the User. The email address must be active and working. The User shall choose according to their preference, a valid User name and password to log into the service. To complete the process, the User must accept these conditions of service by checking the appropriate box. Once registered, you will receive an email to confirm your registration. The User declares and guarantees the veracity and accuracy of the data provided.


4.- .- Users shall be responsible for their own comments and/or publications, exonerating DULCES Y CONSERVAS HELIOS S.A. from any liability derived from the contents provided by Users.


5.- Any comments and/or publications of a sexual, violent, demeaning, racist, discriminatory, or defamatory nature are prohibited, as well as any threats or insults or contents that may offend the average person’s sensitivity or incite illegal and/or immoral behaviour. Nor shall any contents be accepted that infringe intellectual or industrial property rights or any other third-party rights. In any case, DULCES Y CONSERVAS HELIOS S.A. reserves the right to remove such comments and/or publications. HELIOS reserves the right not publish those contents that are contrary to these rules or which may cause damage or harm to third parties, as well as to remove all recipes or comments published that do not conform to them, with no need for serving any notice. HELIOS reserves the right to cancel registration and access to the community whenever certain Users repeat this type of behaviour, automatically, and without prior notice, and with no right to any claims for damages or compensation.


6.- The User editing contents of recipes or others shall be solely responsible for the consequences that this recipe may cause to the health or property of the User or third parties. It will therefore be very important for the User providing contents to apply safety, prudence and good faith criteria, and insofar as possible, have previously tested the recipes and methods published themselves.


7.- Users using third-party recipes published on this website declare they are aware that these contents may not be accurate, may be incomplete or produce undesirable effects, so these Users are advised to act prudently and with common sense.


8.- Under no circumstance may works or parts of works of any kind, including photographic works, be published on this website without the authorization of their author, producer/director or legitimate holder of the corresponding rights. Likewise, the use of third-party logos or trademarks is forbidden.


9.- The inclusion of comments and/or publications containing third-party personal data or images without their express consent for their disclosure is likewise forbidden. DULCES Y CONSERVAS HELIOS S.A. may remove any content that infringes these specifications.


10.- The website cannot be used for sending publicity, directly, indirectly, or through links; or to collect email addresses or other Users’ contact information.


11.- Users freely transfer to DULCES Y CONSERVAS HELIOS S.A., in a non-exclusive way, the corresponding rights regarding photographs, recipe texts or any other content added to the website, for the sole purpose of publishing these contents on it, always within their subject, or for the site’s advertising or promotional purposes. In this way, and of a global nature, Users transfer their corresponding rights over the incorporated contents, and in particular those of reproduction, public communication or making them available to the public on the Internet, especially for purposes of translating texts into other languages; and distribution of photographs, texts, videos or any other content that is object of protection, according to current intellectual property law, for the sole purpose of being published and communicated on this website. They also authorize HELIOS to modify texts and other contents to adapt them in compliance with the website’s technical requirements and specifications.


12.- Disclaimer
HELIOS shall accept no liability in the following cases:


  • The result or effect that a recipe or preparation may have on the health or property of a user or a third party.
  • Improper use of the User name and password.
  • Technical failures due to accidental causes or those of any other nature, which hinder the normal functioning of the service.
  • Lack of availability of the site for maintenance reasons or others preventing access to the service.
  • Interference of third parties in the service. Due to technological advances, third parties may enter the site and cause disruptions. Nevertheless, HELIOS takes all the technical steps, through the incorporation of the appropriate technological measures, to reduce such risks. However, the User is informed that these improbable disruptions may cause interference for which HELIOS HELIOS shall not be held liable.
  • Due to lack of veracity or accuracy of the information.
  • For any third-party claims related to intellectual property rights and/or patents or trademarks, in relation to any type of contents uploaded to the site by Users. This type of claim shall be directly referred to the User, who shall be fully liable for any damages and legal costs arising.
  • For potential conflicts between Users, as a result of libel, slander or any other causes leading to conflict between them.
  • For any opinions, comments or recommendations made by Users, not guaranteeing their veracity or quality, since they do not necessarily represent HELIOS opinion.
  • For the incidental deletion of all or part of the website material, its recovery being impossible or very expensive, in such a way that the latter cannot be carried out, so Users are advised to keep backup copies of their content.

13.- Reserved rights
HELIOS reserves the right to deny service to or cancel the registration of those Users that fail to comply with these Terms and Conditions, as well as to delete content, without prior notice, whenever it is contrary to the conditions stated in this document, without there being any right to claims for damages or compensation.
It will also take any corresponding legal action for any offences that may be committed by Users. It will also take all legal actions to enforce damages according to the law. All costs for claims to be borne by the Users and which have to be paid by
HELIOS shall be duly claimed.
The terms of these conditions may be modified. In the event of this occurring, Users shall be notified through a notice published on the website.


14.- Unsubscribe
Users may unsubscribe through the website


15.- Jurisdiction and law applicable
Any conflicts arising as a result of the application of these rules shall be governed by Spanish law and resolved by the corresponding courts according to currently applicable law.